Common Questions

Q) How long does the program take?

A) Our program was designed to be completed at your own pace, but everyone has a different learning curve. Some students have completed in a day or two, some have completed in five days.

Q) Is your program recognized nationally and all I need to bartend in every state?

A) Yes it is, but every state has different laws and requirements. Some states have specific programs that must be completed in order to work as a bartender. Our program will definitely start you on your journey, but depending on the state you live in, you may need to complete another certification course to legally bartend in that state.

Q) Once I join Bar Virgin University certification program, how long is my membership good for ?

A) LIFE. You will also have access to updated videos, quizzes, and cocktail recipes.

Q) Can I watch and take your program from my mobile device or tablet ?

A) Absolutely, our program is compatible with all devices and browsers if your using a desktop.

Q) Is the certification I receive the same as the one that's given for the Bar Virgin 'on premise' course ?

A) Yes, the major benefit is that you can complete our online program at your own pace.

Q)What will I receive when joining Bar Virgin University ?

A) You will receive instant access to the BVU website which will teach you properly all aspects of becoming a bartender from setting up of your station, to making all the cocktails, serving safely, PDF download of our drink manual which includes recipes of over 60 classic cocktails, tips on how to land the perfect job.

Q) Do I need the bartending kit to complete your program ?

A) No, but it will help you in regards to getting comfortable handling the bar tools, along with practicing your pouring.

Q) If I happen to fail the final exam, do I have to pay to enroll again?

A) Absolutely Not. If you don't do well on the final exam, you can retake as many times as you may need without registering or enrolling for a second time.