About Us

Bar Virgin University is the nation's premiere online bartender certification program. Our unique program is made possible by our team of mixologists, who combined have over 50 years of bartending experience in both New York City and Los Angeles. The BVU program is an extension of The Bar Virgin "on premise" program which has trained and certified thousands of members. Our online program was created to educate the public on how to correctly bartend in a cost effective, and time efficient manner. This is now something you can accomplish at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home.

Once successfully registered, you can log in to your account and immediately begin the program. All course materials, which include a drink manual with over 60 cocktail recipes, video library, quizzes following each lesson, and final exam are accessed online via your desktop or mobile device. Once your final exam is passed, you will instantly receive your certification.

80 easy to understand lessons, quizzes, and more learned on your desktop or mobile device
Course book containing all recipes along with learning all the tips, tricks, and trade secrets to work behind the bar
From Alcohol Awareness to opening and closing the bar, we prepare you in your journey to become a professional bartender
The ability to create your resume for free while being logged into your BVU account. You will then have the ability to save and share it with possible employers.
Online final exam and Bartender Certification
Lifetime membership to BVU's online training program learned in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace

The online coursework is divided into separate modules. Each module requires the participant to read a section of the online workbook and watch the corresponding video(s) for that workbook section. After completing the coursework for each module, participants will then be required to take and pass a quiz before they are allowed to access the online material for the next module.

Each workbook section can be downloaded and saved as a PDF. Once passing the final exam and becoming certified, your certification will also be able to be downloaded and saved in the form of PDF. Whether you're taking our program with the intention of making bartending a new career, or just for fun to entertain guests at home, lets start the fun, and get you trained and certified in the process.